Prayer & Care

How can we help you?

Jesus said that he would send us the gift of the Holy Spirit and he would comfort us.  There are times when we all need a little extra help.  Perhaps when we're feeling down, overwhelmed, walking through tragedy or life change or just struggling with some big life questions.  LIFE Church has a few things in place to help you in these areas!  

First of all, we would love to see you involved in a LIFE Group!  We have many of them and are continually investing in this ministry so that everyone will be able to find a fit.  In that environment, we hope people will find relationships in which they can be real and get support and prayer from other people.  

We also have our prayer chain. Email [email protected] if you have a prayer request and we will surround you with prayer!

If you feel like you need a little extra help or direction, book a time with one of our Pastors. They can take some time and pray for you as well as give you biblical advice.  At times we will recommend professional counseling and can help direct you in finding the right counselor. 

Send us your prayer request.

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