Ginny & Pastor Trevor Kempner

Meetings will take place either in person or on zoom. Email [email protected] to register.

If you look at the life of Jesus, He lived differently, didn’t He? He not only lived differently but He taught principles that were quite opposite than what culture was and is currently doing:

- He taught that through Him, there is life after death

- He said that in His kingdom, the last will be first

- Jesus taught us to “turn the other cheek” and commanded his followers to seek forgiveness rather than revenge.

- In a world where we’re encouraged to do whatever feels good, Jesus encouraged us to choose the narrow road instead of the broad road

- Jesus taught that when we are weak, we are strong  

I would like to invite you to join a Life Group that I will be leading this fall.  We will be reading through, discussing, and learning from the book, “The Opposite Life” by my all-time favorite speaker/author, Alex Seeley.  

What if the path to a life of abundance and blessing isn’t what we expected? What if the way forward begins with going backward? We often search for this blessed life in the wrong places. Through this book study, we will explore surprising principles that flip our thinking so that we can live an abundant life in the upside-down kingdom of God.  

This study will require you to purchase the book and read 1-2 chapters each week (the chapters are small). I encourage you to place your relationship with God as a priority this fall and commit to learning more and growing deeper in your relationship with Jesus. He loves you and longs to walk with you through life.  

This book is available as both a hard copy as well as an ebook.  For a hard copy, you can purchase this book at Chapters/Indigo online or I’m sure our local Christian book store can order it in for you as well.    

We will be meeting on Wednesday night’s at 7pm at our house. An interactive virtual option will be available via zoom if you feel uncomfortable meeting in person. I look forward to learning alongside you this fall! We are starting Wednesday, October 7th and it will run for 6 weeks.