Why Jesus?

The story of Jesus is called the Gospel meaning 'good news.' The bad news is our sins caused a separation between God and mankind. In fact, Jesus tells us we stand condemned because of our sins. Our sins result in death and destruction. We need someone to save us from our sins. We need help in this broken and flawed world. 

The good news is that God loved you and the whole world so much He sent His one and only Son Jesus to earth so that we would not perish but have eternal life. 

So that's why Jesus...He's the most important person to ever walk this planet. He claimed to be God's Son and Messiah and proved He is who He said He is by dying on a cross and rising up from the dead. He is our Resurrected Saviour who conquered death, sacrificed His life to pay the penalty of our sins, and offers eternal life. 

This is not about a religion with a bunch of do's and don'ts, but it's about a faith journey following Jesus. He offers eternal life, love, grace, joy, peace, forgiveness and acceptance into God's family. It's about relationship not just being religious. 

Jesus invited men and women to follow Him when He was on this earth, and He's still offering this to us today. By putting your faith into Jesus and deciding to follow Him you can walk in His blessings and enjoy His life in your life. 

You are not alone. You are loved. Jesus is inviting us to follow Him, and He wants to journey with you. 

Would you like to start this faith journey and invite Jesus to be a part of your life? Sincerely say a prayer like this...

"God thank you for loving me and sending Your Son Jesus for us. Forgive me of my sins. Jesus, I choose You, believe in You, and want to follow You. Help me to live for You. I make You Lord of my life. Teach me Your ways. I ask these things in the name of Jesus, amen."

If you prayed a prayer like this, congratulations! You just made the best decision of your life! 

Please connect with us and tell us about this life decision you made to experience the LIFE of Jesus.